Short Term Apartment Rental Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT made this _____ day and month of _________year 2014 between ____________________ ("The Owner") and ___________________   ("The GUEST") bearing Passport  No.____________________


It is hereby agreed that Guest shall rent on a short-term basis the Property known as address:- ___________________________________________ from date__________ 2014 to _____________2014 for the rental amount RM_________  paid in advance and security deposit amount of RM__________.
When the lease term ends, the security deposit will then be refunded. However, the landlord reserves the right to deduct from the deposit any costs and damages (if any).

The number of people occupying the premise shall be no more than six (6) for the Three bedroom and four (4) for the two bedrooms.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel, the deposit will not be refund.  No shows, late arrivals, change in number of persons after arrival and early departures are non-refundable. Pets policy: Pets are not allowed in our apartment.


Guest name _______________________________________________________________


E-mail Addresses_________________________Mobile / Phone No.___________________     

Number of Guests________

Airline and Flight Number______________________________

Arrival Date and Time_________________________________

Departure Date :______________________________


The apartment unit be will handed to you in a clean condition and when you leave you will hand back in the same clean condition as found and to return keys upon departure.  If excessive  cleaning is required, then there will be a additional charge of RM200.00. The number of Guests shall not exceed the number of Guests on this rental agreement. If more people are found to occupy premises than on the rental agreement, Guest agrees to pay for the additional people. Missing items, damage to furniture, causing excessive dirtiness, burning or damaging scratches to floor, wall, equipments or furniture as a result of the "Guests' negligence will be charged to you.. Guest agrees to pay for any damage made.

The Owner assumes no liability for property loss or damage, nor liability for accidents or injury on the premises. Guest is responsible for room and for his/her/their guests during occupancy of the apartment. Guest and the members of his party shall not use or permit to be brought into the apartment any illegal controlled substances, firearms, or items hazardous to persons or property.

USE OF THE PREMISES: Apartment is located in a residential neighborhood. Guest shall be quiet and peacefully enjoy the premises so as not to disturb other guests.


Dated: ________________________________

Dated: ________________________________

Witness ____________________________________