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Penang Apartment and Condo for sale

Affordable apartment for sale in Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas, Bukit Jambul, Bukit Gambier, Sungai Dua, Gelugor, Sungai Nibong, Relau, FTZ, etc.
To  enquire about apartment for sale, please quote the property name and property ID No.

This property list date posted on April 20, 2016

id no. property location price for sale builtup size room/bth furnishing remark
65273 ACRES VILLE sungai ara RM390,000 700 3/2 furnished
62890 ALPHINE TOWER bukit jambul RM518,000 950 3/2 fully furnished
19632 ALPHINE TOWER bukit jambul RM720,000 1,370   fully furnished nice unit 4 aircond, dryer, dish washer, etc. 1,370 sq ft. high floor. Across Fairview International school.
63388 ALPHINE TOWER bukit jambul RM528,000 968 3/2 furnished
64491 ALPHINE TOWER bukit jambul RM560,000 1,160 3/2 semi furnished
64997 ALPHINE TOWER bukit jambul RM628,000 1,200 3/2 fully furnished
62362 AYU HEIGHTS bukit jambul RM920,000 1,590 3/2 fully furnished 1,590 sq feet. With Jacuzzi, sauna, 4 aircon. Newly painted. Near USM hotel equatorial
66557 AYU HEIGHTS bukit jambul RM549,000 1,070 3/2 furnished duplex unit
65046 BAYS WATER gelugor RM1,380,000 1,636 3/3

65038 BAYS WATER gelugor RM1,250,000 1,313 4/3 furnished Fully furnished Fully renovated. nice unit
63726 BAYS WATER gelugor RM1,100,000 1,636 3/2 furnished facing tesco
64614 BAYS WATER gelugor RM1,250,000 1,636 3/3 furnished
42555 BAYSTAR bayan lepas RM1,800,000 1,803 3/2 fully furnished 3+1 rooms
64038 BAYSTAR bayan lepas RM1,350,000 1,600 3/3 fully furnished 1 car park
59359 BAYSTAR gelugor RM2,500,000 4,500 6/6 semi furnished Duplex unit high Floor Panoramic Sea View - viewing both 1st & 2nd Penang Bridges with 3 Covered Car Parks. 6 bedrooms
58687 BAYSTAR bayan lepas RM1,400,000 1,803 3/2 fully furnished 3+1 room seaview city views 2 covered carparks
52033 BAYSTAR bayan lepas RM1,850,000 2,249 4/3 furnished opposite queenbays mall and penang bridge. 2 car park
62519 BAYSTAR bayan baru RM1,350,000 1,562 3/3 fully furnished city view fully furnished. 2 carparks
63286 BJ COURT georgetown RM300,000 750 3/2 fully furnished
39717 BJ COURT bukit jambul RM305,000 700 3/2 furnished  
63707 BJ COURT bukit jambul RM300,000 700 3/2 fully furnished fully furnished unit
64820 BJ COURT bukit jambul RM280,000 700 3/2
selling cheap BJ condo
2914 BJ COURT bukit jambul RM285,000 700 3/2 unfurnished corner unit. 1 carpark lot
64987 BJ COURT bukit jambul 700 3/2 fully furnished affordable apartment for sale
63325 BOULEVARD CONDO paya terubong RM650,000 1,087 3/2 furnished Fully renovated and furnished. High floor 1087sqft sea view, hill view and city view
63538 BUKIT DUMBAR PERMAI gelugor RM560,000 1,160 3/2 furnished
53396 BUKIT DUMBAR PERMAI gelugor RM595,000 1,160 4/3 furnished fully renovated with kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, shc
64822 BUKIT JAMBUL APARTMENT bukit jambul RM270,000 860 3/1

64236 BUKIT JAMBUL APARTMENT bukit jambul RM270,000 865 3/1

61201 CASCARA 88 teluk kumbar RM620,000 1,550 3/3 bare unit new townhouse. OC obtained
49274 CASCARA 88 teluk kumbar RM640,000 1,550 3/3 unfurnished new gated and guarded townhouse. The facilities includes rooftop garden, BBQ pit, smart card access, 24 hour security and CCTV
64034 CENTRAL PARK georgetown RM1,300,000 2,600 5/4

60456 CENTRAL PARK gelugor RM1,200,000 2,500 4/4 unfurnished
19709 DESA AIRMAS sungai dua RM600,000 970 3/2 fully furnished near USM. 2carparks with condominium facilities
30830 DESA AIRMAS sungai dua 970 3/2 fully furnished near to USM, 2 car park. Penang bridge view
35545 DESA ALOR VISTA relau RM366,000 750 3/2 semi furnished Extended Balcony
65127 DESA ALOR VISTA relau RM450,000 800 3/2 fully furnished
64351 DESA BAYAN sungai ara RM280,000
3/2 unfurnished 1 car park
62828 DESA BAYAN sungai ara 700 3/2

64701 DESA BISTARI gelugor TAKEN DEPOSIT 700 3/2

62841 DESA BUKIT JAMBUL relau RM580,000 1,150 3/2 semi furnished near bukit jambul golf course
32095 DESA INDAH relau RM200,000 650 3/1 unfurnished  
64028 DESA MAS MELUR relau RM380,000 700 3/2 fully furnished
64197 DESA MAS MELUR relau RM420,000 800 3/2
5 covered car parks
64818 DESA MAS MELUR relau RM420,000

1869 DESA PERMAI INDAH sungai dua RM450,000 920 3/2 fully furnished hamna apartment renovated
51475 DESA PERMAI INDAH sungai dua RM730,000 2,700 4/2 semi furnished penthouse with rooftop garden and 2 carparks. Near USM
62877 DESA PERMAI INDAH gelugor RM449,000 975 3/2 fully furnished fully furnished and fully renovated
54504 DESA PERMAI INDAH sungai dua RM720,000 2,700 3/2 fully furnished 2,700 sf built-up
63092 DESA PERMATA paya terubong RM270,000 700 3/1 fully furnished Near all Seasons area, up-coming place
54630 DESA RAHMAT relau 700 3/2 furnished fully reno furnished apartment WITH tv air con etc, reno. near PISA
45470 DESA RAHMAT relau RM260,000 700 3/2 unfurnished opposite PISA
65191 DESA RAHMAT relau RM368,000 700 3/2 furnished opposite PISA, near mall. Furnished apartment
61904 D'MANSION bukit dumbar RM860,000 1,450 3/2
62551 D'PIAZZA CONDO bayan baru RM600,000 1,100 3/2 furnished furnished condo
62866 D'PIAZZA CONDO bayan baru RM680,000 1,300
furnished furnished
60676 D'PIAZZA CONDO bayan baru RM650,000 1,300 3/2 unfurnished Renovated
69596 Edge 360 bukit dumbar RM750,000 1,200 3/3 unfurnished new project 2018 completion.
65575 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM780,000 1,400 3/2 unfurnished Sea View, facing both penang bridge (1st & 2nd link)
64018 ELITE HEIGHTS bayan baru RM678,000 1,465 3/2 semi-furnished 2 car parks 1,465 sq feet. high floor
63944 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM705,000 1,466 3/2 unfurnished 2 side by side parkings
65328 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM720,000 1,465 3/2 unfurnished 2 car parks 1,465 sq feet.
64686 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM680,000 1,465 3/2 semi-furnished 2 car parks 1,465 sq feet. nice views. furnished
63327 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru 940 3/2 bare unit New condo Elit height, 2 car parks
64515 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM630,000 1,083 3/2 bare unit 2 car parks
59044 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM750,000 1,429 3/2 unfurnished New apartment OC in June 2014
62815 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM738,000 1,465 3/2 bare unit 1 car park oc in march 2014
59939 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM730,000 1,465 3/2 unfurnished Elit Height @ Bayan City new condo with 2 car park
59938 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM730,000 1,465 3/2 unfurnished
59834 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM770,000 1,497 4/2 unfurnished 2 car park
63879 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM850,000 1,543 3/2
garden unit 1,543sf
64003 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM680,000 1,120 3/2 unfurnished 2 car parks
65327 ELIT HEIGHTS relau
1,010 3/2

59925 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM750,000 1,465 3/2 unfurnished Elit height, oc expected march 2014
64683 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM750,000 1,465 3/2 unfurnished 2 car parks
64123 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM780,000 1,423 4/2 unfurnished 1423sf. Corner unit, hill panoramic view.
62704 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM790,000 1,423 4/2 bare unit new condo near Sunshine / Giant hyper market
63899 ELITE HEIGHTS bayan baru RM630,000 1,083 3/2 unfurnished OC Obtained. Elit Heights 3, 2 car parks. Original.
63324 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM790,000 1,466 3/2 bare unit New condo Elit height
59937 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM730,000 1,465 3/2 unfurnished 3r2b 1465sf 2 car park
63788 ELIT HEIGHTS bayan baru RM1,400,000 2,555 4/2

63794 ELITE HEIGHTS bayan baru RM620,000 1,083 3/2 unfurnished OC Obtained. Elit Heights 3, 2 car parks. Original.
64207 ELITE HEIGHT bukit gambier RM1,298,000 2,600 4/4 semi furnished Overlooking 2nd Penang Bridge and airport. 3 car parks
27770 E-PARK CONDO gelugor RM465,000 900 3/2 furnished seaview 1 carpark lot
64881 E-PARK CONDO gelugor RM528,000 1,000 3/2 fully furnished Fully Renovated & Fully Furnished. Seaview High Floor Corner Unit
63242 EWANI FLAT bayan baru RM118,000 500 2/1

65431 fiera vista condo sungai ara RM790,000 1,500 3/2 unfurnished brand new condo Facing swimming pool and lake
50152 GAMBIER HEIGHTS bukit gambier RM390,000 800 3/2

62799 GAMBIER HEIGHTS gelugor RM425,000 700 3/2 semi furnished corner unit
65351 GAMBIER HEIGHTS bukit gambier 850 3/2 semi furnished fully extended
68482 Garden Ville sungai ara RM650,000 1,115 3/2 unfurnished new condo under construction
63336 GOLD COAST bayan lepas RM680,000 1,042 3/2 fully furnished
65296 GOLD COAST bayan lepas RM879,000 1,465 3/2 furnished
64419 GOLD COAST bayan lepas RM860,000 1,100 3/2 semi furnished Sea view and swimming pool view
64702 GOLD COAST bayan lepas RM800,000 1,600 3/2 furnished Sea facing
62911 GOLD COAST bayan baru RM700,000 1,041 3/2 furnished
34686 GOLD COAST bayan lepas RM1,000,000 1,650 3/2 fully furnished renovated
65319 GOLD COAST bayan lepas RM930,000 1,600 3/2 furnished high floor QB view
6358 GOLD COAST bayan lepas RM1,072,500 1,650 3/2 furnished Interior decoration. Facing sea / pool and penang bridge. 2 carpark
62916 The Golden Triangle relau RM580,000 1,165 3/2 bare unit
63039 The Golden Triangle bukit jambul RM550,000 1,165 3/2 fully furnished bukit jambul view
65303 GOLDEN TRIANGLE bukit jambul RM570,000 1,165 3/2 bare unit 2 Car Parks side by side
48352 HALAMAN CENDANA bayan lepas RM250,000 824 3/2 unfurnished penang bridge view. newly painted
62395 HALAMAN MURNI bayan lepas RM185,000 700 3/2 unfurnished
64313 HAMNA FLAT gelugor RM120,000 500 2/1
2 room flat
64128 HILLCREST RESIDENCES bukit jambul RM1,300,000 2,277 5/3 fully furnished New condo. Fully renovated with 2 carparks
40012 HILLCREST RESIDENCES bukit jambul RM964,037 2,277 4/3 unfurnished near to INTI College with 2 carparks. low density with full facilities
42232 HILLCREST RESIDENCES bukit jambul RM1,300,000 2,277 5/3 fully furnished New condo. Fully renovated and furnished. 2 carparks. Seaview
60407 HILLCREST RESIDENCES bukit jambul RM957,045 2,277 4/2 unfurnished
62038 HILLCREST RESIDENCES bukit jambul RM1,100,000 2,000 4/3 unfurnished type B with full baloncy. This unit comes with 4 carparks!
60388 HILLCREST RESIDENCES bukit jambul RM1,200,000 2,281 3/3 semi furnished facing golfview 2 carpark. bumi unit
52628 HILLCREST RESIDENCES Bukit Jambul RM1,080,000 2,175 4/2 bare unit 1 store room at ground floor, 4 parking lots
63323 IDAMAN LAVENDER sungai ara RM370,000 750 3/2 unfurnished
60267 IDEAL REGENCY gelugor RM740,000 1,200 3/2 furnished 2 car parks with a small 340sf garden
64837 IDEAL REGENCY gelugor RM830,000 1,500 4/2 unfurnished
49498 IDEAL REGENCY bukit gambier RM1,380,000 2,637 6/4 unfurnished I-Regency penthouse with 4 car park
65202 IXORA HEIGHTS taman lip sin RM550,000 1,100 3/2 semi furnished
58137 JADE VIEW bukit gambier RM325,000 750 3/2 furnished furnished. Located behind bukit gambier petronas petrol station
63047 JADE VIEW bukit gambier RM320,000 750 3/2 semi furnished a bit run down condition
58129 JADE VIEW bukit gambier 750 3/2 unfurnished
40205 KRYSTAL VILLA bayan baru RM430,000 850 3/2 unfurnished Behind Krystal Point
55755 LAVINIA APARTMENT gelugor RM875,000 2,200 5/3 furnished Fully Renovated duplex, Extended and Tastefully Furnished. 2,250 sq feet. Near queenbays mall
61287 LAVINIA APARTMENT gelugor RM990,000
2,200 3/2 semi furnished sungai nibong apartment near queenbays mall fully reno, nice view, 2 car parks
63140 LAVINIA APARTMENT gelugor 1,050
furnished apartment near queenbays mall
1,100 3/2 semi furnished sungai nibong apartment near queenbays mall
61237 LEXIS SUITES teluk kumbar RM1,800,000 990 1/1 fully furnished Property Type Hotel Suites. Completed aug 2014 coner lot sunrise seaview. It comes with in-room swimming pool (10' x 11') complete with steam sauna room. High floor
62437 LUCKY GARDEN APARTMENT gelugor RM338,000 760 3/2

61123 MELATI APARTMENT bayan lepas RM520,000 920 3/2 furnished lower level walk up apartment with many different blocks
64411 MERIDIEN RESIDENCE sungai ara RM800,000 1,380 4/2 unfurnished 2 carpark
64408 MERIDIEN RESIDENCE sungai ara RM813,000 1,260 4/2
penang new condo with 2 covered car park. located Pearl Golf and Country Club, 2nd bridge and airport view
64415 MERIDIEN RESIDENCE sungai ara RM760,000 1,260 3/2 unfurnished Penang bridge view from the balcony
64410 MERIDIEN RESIDENCE sungai ara RM838,000 1,380 4/2
penang new condo with 2 covered car park. located Pearl Golf and Country Club, 2nd bridge and airport view
64409 MERIDIEN RESIDENCE sungai ara RM846,000 1,380 4/2
penang new condo with 2 covered car park. located Pearl Golf and Country Club, orchard view
64412 MERIDIEN RESIDENCE sungai ara RM680,000 1,260 3/2 unfurnished
64413 MERIDIEN RESIDENCE sungai ara RM680,000 1,260 3/2 unfurnished Penang bridge view from the balcony. 2 Car parks
65173 MUTIARA IDAMAN jelutong 700 3/2
21-storey buildin, next to mutiara heights
60487 MUTIARA PERDANA sungai ara RM350,000 1,000 3/3 fully furnished Renovated extended entrance & balcony duplex unit
42070 MUTIARA IDAMAN gelugor RM190,000 630 3/1 furnished renovated unit VIEW KAMPUNG Near tesco
64258 N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor 750 3/2 furnished affordable condo. cheapest unit
  N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor          
63285 N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor 750 3/2 fully furnished
16272 N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM410,000 750 3/2 semi furnished with kitchencabinet, fan, iron grilled
64068 N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM400,000 700 3/2 fully furnished
49976 N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM365,000 700 3/2 semi furnished Top Floor
24234 N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor
750 3/2 furnished furnished with 3 aircond
63030 N-PARK CONDOMINIUM gelugor
750 3/2 furnished sea view corner unit. Near USM, TESCO, Queensbay Mall, Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas Industrial Area
63391 ONE SKY bayan baru RM1,000,000 1,074

ground floor shoplot
63389 ONE SKY bayan baru RM600,000 1,074

64202 ONE WORLD bayan baru RM760,000 1,600 3/2

64203 ONE SKY bayan baru RM750,000 1,650 3/2

64201 ONE SKY bayan baru RM710,000 1,450 3/2

63390 ONE SKY bayan baru RM700,000 1,153
bare unit
61624 ONE SKY bayan baru 1,450 3/2
Fully Renovated 2 side by side Car park
70087 One Imperial Relau RM590,000 1,200 3/2 unfurnished new 2016 condo in penang.
72483 Orchard Ville sungai ara RM670,000 1,080 3/2 unfurnished ORCHARD VILLE new condo with build up size from 1080sf to 1623sf, come 2 carparks.
62401 PALM PALLADIUM gelugor RM670,000 1,157 3/2 semi furnished 2 carparks
60991 PALM PALLADIUM gelugor RM880,000 1,947 5/4 semi furnished Extensively renovated with 2 carparks. 1,947 SF
60806 PARKVIEW TOWER bukit jambul 1,075 3/2 semi furnished
64406 PARKVIEW TOWER bukit jambul RM560,000 1,200 3/2 semi furnished
62621 PARKVIEW TOWER bukit jambul RM530,000 1,200 3/2 semi furnished
61309 PEARL GARDEN sungai ara 1,100 3/2 furnished Fully renovated and furnished view jogging track
70604 PEARL GARDEN sungai ara RM520,000 1,200 3/2 fully furnished
65536 PEARL GARDEN sungai ara RM550,000 1,200 3/2 semi furnished 1 car park
64507 PEARL REGENCY gelugor RM1,200,000 1,313 3/2 furnished
62884 PEARL REGENCY gelugor RM1,250,000 1,420 3/2 semi furnished
63056 PEARL REGENCY gelugor RM1,500,000 1,453 3/2 semi furnished 2 car parks
63586 PEARL REGENCY gelugor
1,420 3/2 semi furnished New Condo near Tesco, E Gate
60146 PLATINO CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM1,580,000 2,054 4/3 furnished
62400 PLATINO CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM1,350,000 2,090
fully furnished
64694 PLATINO CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM3,400,000 6,400 5/5
penthouse 6,400 sf
69148 Prima View sungai nibong RM400,000 850 3/2   prima view for sale.
64924 PUNCAK MUTIARA gelugor RM1,200,000 1,846 4/3 fully furnished penthouse Sea & Town view
25366 PUTRA MARINE bayan lepas RM1,400,000 2,388 4/4 furnished near Queens Bay Mall. With 2 carpark, nice seaview
62963 PUTRA MARINE bayan lepas 2,400 4/4 fully furnished 4 Bedrooms with seaviews & 4 Bathrooms.
61138 PUTRA MARINE bayan lepas RM1,980,000 3,884 5/5 unfurnished Duplex Condo high Ceiling, Direct Unblocked Sea View, 2 covered car parks
63419 PUTRA PLACE bayan lepas RM575,000 1,000 3/2 semi furnished
34010 PUTRA PLACE bayan lepas RM600,000 1,000 3/2 fully furnished Fully Renovated
62236 PUTRA PLACE bayan lepas RM570,000 1,000 3/2
near queenbays mall
52616 PUTRA PLACE bayan lepas RM1,200,000 2,200 4/2 fully furnished Penthouse with 3 carparks
63438 PUTRA PLACE bayan lepas RM650,000 1,050 3/2 fully furnished Showroom Unit Fully furnished 2 carpark
57301 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM635,000 1,260 3/2 semi furnished
62355 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM720,000 1,280 3/2 unfurnished new condo at sungai ara for sale
64168 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM720,000 1,200 3/2 semi furnished
62912 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM630,000 1,260 3/2 bare unit
59158 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM620,000 1,260 3/2 unfurnished Newly OC obtained
64931 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara 1,260 3/2 semi furnished
51261 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM700,000 1,260 3/2 unfurnished New condo high floor Near airport Facing Penang Bridge view
64063 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM720,000 1,260 3/2 bare unit 2 car park
58725 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM640,000 1,260 3/2 unfurnished SP Setia Relections. New condo Near airport. Nice View with 2 Car parks
56805 REFLECTION CONDO sungai ara RM850,000 1,449 3/2 unfurnished with 3 carparks facing airport
62756 REGENCY HEIGHTS sungai ara RM660,000 1,250 3/2 furnished Hill View 1 car park
65133 REGENCY HEIGHTS sungai ara RM690,000 1,258 4/2 unfurnished
62229 REGENCY HEIGHTS sungai ara 1,250 3/2 furnished
64133 REGENCY HEIGHTS sungai ara RM650,000 1,250 4/2 semi furnished Equiped with 4 air-con; 4 Ceiling Fans; Full Kitchen Cabinets and etc
57325 REGENCY HEIGHTS sungai ara
1,258 3/2 semi furnished hill view
65283 RELAU INDAH relau 750 3/2 fully furnished higher floor corner
64674 RELAU INDAH relau RM310,000 820 3/2 fully furnished pool view morning sun
59136 RELAU INTAN relau RM250,000 700 3/2 semi furnished
65123 RELAU VISTA relau RM359,000 700 3/2 bare unit
63915 RELAU VISTA relau 808 3/2 semi furnished 2 carparks
63513 RELAU VISTA relau RM319,000 700 3/2 unfurnished
62705 SERI NILAM APARTMENT bayan baru RM399,000 750 3/2 unfurnished
49975 SIERRA EAST CONDO bukit jambul
1,200 3/2
new apartment
55355 Setia Pinnacle sungai ara RM660,000 1,095 3/2 unfurnished SP setia new apartment for sale. 2016 new property.
67718 Setia Triangle sungai ara     3/2   new condominium
40541 SRI ABADI sungai ara
798 3/2 furnished pangsapuri sri abadi renovated unit
61358 SRI KENARI sungai ara RM350,000 850 3/2 unfurnished

53598 SUNNY VILLE gelugor RM500,000 1,000 3/2 furnished renovated with kitchen cabinet
65182 SUNNY VILLE gelugor

semi furnished 3 car park renovated
65128 SUNNY VILLE glugor RM500,000 1,100 3/2 fully furnished
63151 SUNRISE GARDEN sungai ara RM585,000 1,100 3/2 semi furnished 1 carpark
63805 SUNRISE GARDEN sungai ara RM595,000 1,100 3/2 furnished 1 carpark, facing town view
64512 SUNRISE GARDEN sungai ara RM630,000 1,100 3/2 furnished
60681 TAMAN BENDERA relau 600 2/1 semi furnished fully renovated with car park
63771 TAMAN BUKIT DUMBAR gelugor RM530,000 900 3/2 furnished lowrise apartment low density near Tesco and penang bridge
63533 TAMAN BUKIT JAMBUL bukit jambul
600 2/1 unfurnished
63448 TAMAN DESA RELAU relau 700 3/2 semi furnished taman desa relau 2
62356 TAMAN DESA RELAU relau RM300,000 700 3/2 unfurnished TAMAN DESA RELAU 2 Nice View
64685 TAMAN DESA RELAU relau RM360,000 700 3/2 furnished
34827 TAMAN DESA RELAU relau 700 3/2 unfurnished
64100 TAMAN JUBILEE gelugor RM400,000 700 3/2 furnished fully furnished and reno. 1 car park
64046 TAMAN JUBILEE gelugor RM450,000 700 3/2 furnished
61758 TAMAN MEWAH batu maung 500 2/1 furnished renovated, close to penang 2nd link.
57781 TAMAN PEKAKA sungai dua RM450,000 850 3/2
Near USM
57743 TAMAN PEKAKA sungai dua RM500,000 1,000 3/2 fully furnished Near USM fully furnished penthouse
62814 TAMAN PUSAKA gelugor RM180,000
2/1 semi furnished 2 room LMC Cheap Flat Near Tesco
695 TAMAN SERI ACRES sungai ara RM330,000 800 3/2 semi furnished Acres Ville
62889 TAMAN SRI BUNGAH gelugor RM350,000 720 3/2 furnished near usm
63566 TELUK KUMBAR PERMAI teluk kumbar 1,000 3/2 unfurnished
64759 THE CLOVERS sungai ara RM646,000 1,598 4/2 bare unit
67891 The Golden Triangle Condo
relau RM540,000 1,165 3/2 unfurnished new condo for sale
69884 The Address bukit Jambul RM930,000 1,431 3/3   new 2015 property. 3 car park, pool view
63854 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 1 CONDO gelugor RM1,800,000 1,582 3/2 furnished Renovated with ID design, facing coral pool
61413 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 1 CONDO bayan lepas RM1,500,000 1,582 3/3 semi furnished Garden terrace corner unit, Type C, 1,582sf. 3 covered car parks. Quality fitted kitchen with Teka appliances and attachments (including oven and hob)
64284 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM1,880,000 1,851 4/3
Seaview, Infinity Pool view and Garden View. 3 Carpark bay
63803 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM1,360,000 1,367 3/2 unfurnished THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2, BUMI LOT
65255 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO jelutong RM1,700,000
3/2 semi furnished Brand new unit come with fully fitted kitchen
63834 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM650,000 612 1/1 unfurnished
64108 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM1,400,000 1,367 3/2 semi furnished Brand New condo Nice Poolview
63943 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM1,880,000 1,851 4/3
with 3 car park Nice view
64107 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM750,000 635 3/2 semi furnished
64506 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM1,290,000 1,367 3/2 semi furnished THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2. new condo
67472 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor 1,700 3/2   full seaview, 3 car parks
64980 THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2 CONDO gelugor RM1,900,000 1,851 3/2 semi furnished THE LIGHT COLLECTION 2. new condo
57975 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor RM1,250,000 1,561 4/3 semi furnished 2 car parks
55425 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor RM1,500,000 1,430 3/2 semi furnished new condo high floor full penang bridge view
53538 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor RM1,129,999 1,475 4/3 furnished Fully renovated & Fully furnished !
64387 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor RM900,000 1,475 4/3 bare unit
63965 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor

3/2 semi furnished kitchen cabinet
60228 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor
1,600 4/3 semi furnished 2 car park
62399 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor RM1,000,000 1,576 3/3 furnished fully reno
61468 THE LIGHT LINEAR gelugor RM1,280,000 1,600 4/2
2 car park
63055 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO gelugor RM1,700,000 2,239 4/3 semi furnished
60943 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO gelugor RM2,400,000 2,314 5/3 furnished seaview 4+1 maid room, 3 car parks, air con
63678 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO jelutong 2,314 4/4 furnished Fully renovated & Fully furnished with 3 car parks
57193 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO gelugor RM1,850,000 2,239

57104 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO gelugor RM2,250,000 2,060 4/5 semi furnished Nice seaview, High floor, facing penang bridge
61798 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO gelugor RM2,000,000 1,927 4/3 semi furnished
57197 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO gelugor RM1,880,000 2,314 4/3 unfurnished
59209 THE LIGHT POINT CONDO jelutong RM3,000,000 3,300 4/4 bare unit duplex
62652 THE LOFT batu maung

1,378 to 1,680 sqft next to 2nd penang bridge
60241 THE OASIS CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM580,000 1,069 3/2 bare unit face hill with 2 car parks side by side
64848 THE OASIS CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM580,000 1,113 3/2 bare unit
60689 THE OASIS CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM600,000 1,100 3/2 unfurnished
62393 THE OASIS CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM530,000 1,111 3/2

64610 THE OASIS CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM580,000 1,113 3/2 bare unit
59003 THE OASIS CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM620,000 1,111 3/2 bare unit Corner unit - High Privacy 2 carpark
58161 THE OASIS CONDOMINIUM gelugor RM538,000 1,044 3/2 unfurnished
60993 THE PULSE gelugor
3/2 bare unit Facing seaview 1 car park
63156 THE UBAN RESIDENCE gelugor RM1,200,000 1,900 3/2 fully furnished
55492 THE UBAN RESIDENCE gelugor RM1,200,000 1,946 3/2 fully furnished fully renovated and fully furnished worth RM130K. seaview unit
Penang Bridge view
60576 THE VIEW gelugor RM1,280,000 2,088 3/4 furnished furnished unit
58179 THE VIEW gelugor RM2,200,000 4,000 6/7 furnished PENTHOUSE UNIT
61933 THE VIEW gelugor RM2,200,000 4,000 5/4 fully furnished Fully Renovated and Furnish Come with 3 Car Park
59571 THE VIEW gelugor RM1,300,000 2,088 4/5 furnished newly renovated with ID design. 2 car parks. direct Penang bridge view & USM field view.
42322 THE VIEW gelugor RM1,350,000 2,068 4/5 furnished full condo facilities with indoor badminton court, sale with tenancy
61378 THE VIEW gelugor RM1,270,000 2,088 4/4 fully furnished tastefully renovated with move in condition
RM2,000,000 2,900 5/4 unfurnished
63485 TM RESIDENCY ( NEW ) bayan baru RM450,000 835 3/2 bare unit 1 car park near entrance with lift beside PISA near corner food court
61613 Tree Sparina bayan lepas RM568,350 1,130

63300 TREE SPARINA bayan lepas RM650,000 1,300

62694 TUNAS RESIDENSI bayan baru RM460,000 826 3/2 unfurnished only 100 unit per block, 1 carpark, facing PISA, with swimming pool.
64722 UNIVERSITY PLACE bukit gambier RM550,000 800 3/2 fully furnished Walking distance to USM. Sea View; High floor
41327 UNIVERSITY PLACE bukit gambier
900 3/2 semi furnished High Floor facing penang bridge view. sale with tenancy
42868 UNIVERSITY PLACE bukit gambier RM470,000 900 3/2 fully furnished renovated 2 private car parks. High floor with sea view
63692 UNIVERSITY PLACE bukit gambier RM850,000 1,800 3/3

65027 Vertiq gelugor RM888,000 1,044 3/2 unfurnished IJM new condo
62000 VILLA EMAS bayan lepas RM480,000 850 3/2 fully furnished Fully Renovated Fully Furnished
RM520,000 700 3/2 fully furnished
64793 VILLA EMAS georgetown RM525,000 850 3/2 fully furnished with 2 carpark with seaview
54652 VILLA EMAS bayan lepas RM520,000 850 3/2 furnished furnished with 2 car parks and 1 store room
62796 VILLA EMAS bayan lepas RM490,000 850 3/2 fully furnished fully furnished
63658 VILLA EMAS gelugor RM500,000 860 3/2 furnished 2 carparks
61908 VILLA KEJORA relau RM250,000 750 3/2 furnished need to repaint a bit messy. selling cheap
2814 VILLA KEJORA relau RM320,000 800 3/2 unfurnished With 3 covered carparks facing swimming pool
4282 VISTA CONDO relau 750 3/2 unfurnished poolview
64632 VISTA GAMBIER gelugor RM899,000 1,600 4/3 semi furnished 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms Fully furnished 2 car parks. Fully Renovated (Renovation costs RM200K)
64037 VISTARIA CONDO sungai ara RM530,000 1,150 3/2

63041 VISTARIA CONDO bukit jambul RM520,000 1,150 3/2 fully furnished
63043 VISTARIA CONDO bukit jambul RM520,000 1,000 3/2 fully furnished
63284 VISTARIA CONDO sungai ara RM550,000 1,150
58975 ZAN PAVILLON CONDOMINIUM sungai ara RM980,000 1,990 4/2 semi furnished High floor with good view. 100K cost included furniture
61636 ZAN PAVILLON CONDOMINIUM sungai ara RM910,000 2,000
semi furnished
61934 ZAN PAVILLON CONDOMINIUM sungai ara RM900,000 2,000 3/3 furnished Fully renovated n fully furnish. -Duplex Unit with rooftop garden
62375 ZAN PAVILLON CONDOMINIUM sungai ara RM835,000 2,100 4/3 unfurnished Corner unit, New and Nice view. 2 carpark

Ruling for foreigner purchaser, please read GUIDELINE BUYING PROPERTY IN MALAYSIA

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Featured New Condo and Apartment for sale

The Light Point Condominium - A brand new condo. Intelligent, eco-friendly living with a touch of class. Sited within the emerging metropolitan enclave of the eastern coastline overlooking a scenic Penang Bridge, The Light Point waterfront neighborhood will have a commercial district with dining promenades, different malls for family, fun, IT savvy and and much more. Unit size from 1,830 - 4,090 square feet (6 types of layout) 2 car parks and 3 car parks. Price for sale from RM1,600,000.




The Light Linear Condominium - A brand new condo. Intelligent, eco-friendly living with a touch of class. Sited within the emerging metropolitan enclave of the eastern coastline overlooking a scenic Penang Bridge, The Light Linear waterfront neighborhood will have a commercial district with dining promenades, different malls for family, fun, IT savvy and and much more. Unit size from 1,475 - 1,754 square feet. Price for sale from RM990,000 to RM1,150,000





The Light Collection I Condo, the first project among The Light Collection series offering low rise condominium and water villas. The Light Collection I comprises 4 low rise condominium blocks and 24 water villas. Each condominium has a built-up area ranging from 1,367 to 1,582 sq.ft. and the 4-storey water villas has a built-up area of 3,132 sq.ft. Price for sale RM1,400,000




The Light Collection II is located at Gelugor, comprises five blocks of 7-storey condominium with a total 24 layout types to choose from, the 1-bedroom studio unit, 2 & 3-bedroom condominium, duplex & triplex units. The built-up area ranging from 517 sq.ft. to 3,617 sq.ft. For sale From RM700,000 - RM2,500,000





Summerton Suites uniquely crafted to bring out the best of modern day living, making Summerton Suites the new iconic landmark on Penang island. Summerton Bayan Indah is strategically located within the Queensbay Mall enclave, making it the perfect address for business and leisure. Size 850, 1,733 to 2,403 square feet. Price for sale from RM570,000 - RM1,600,000





Pearl Regency Condo with its Iconic Architecture is set to become the landmark address in Penang. Lush landscaping, tropical-inspired lifestyle facilities, calming pool and advanced security surveillance. Lifestyle amenities cater to the needs - shopping mall, ample parking, security features, recreational facilities and much more. Prices for sale RM1,100,000




The Golden Triangle Penang

  The Golden Triangle Condo is a new development project in Penang featuring both comfort and relaxation as well as a fun-filled lifestyle under one roof. Above all, one of the most fulfilling feature of the Golden Triangle is you will enjoy the best of both worlds by experiencing condo living with complete property lifestyle and privileges. A vast array of facilities that are provided on the sixth level for residentsí relaxation and recreation.




  The Address Exclusive boutique living that is truly in a class above. Located next to Bukit Jambul Golf Club gives a panoramic view of the Golf course. For sale.





One Imperial

  One Imperial Condo Residents to have the lifestyle they always wanted within an idyllic yet modern setting. New 2016 condo in Penang for sale. The built-up area with each unit ranges from 1,050 sq feet to 1,300 sq feet. Selling price for sale from RM530,000 to RM680,000




Tree Sparina

Tree Sparina a resort living that embraces the "buon vivire" way of life, treasuring the moment and live to the fullest. A new project by Ideal Group. 2015 new property for sale. Built-up areas range from 800 to 1,650 sq ft. Sale Price RM568,000





Elit Heights is a resort-styled condominium situated in Bayan City offering built-ups between 1,300 sf and 1,900 sf designer suites. Price for sale from RM660,000





Meridien Residence is a freehold condominium located next to Setia Pearl Golf and Country Club. The built-up area ranging from 1,260 to 1,916 sq.ft. Prices for sale from RM695,000





Penang Lexis Suite Luxury resort living on the beachfront. Each unit comes with private in-room swimming pool (10' x 11') complete with steam sauna. Fully furnished suites for sale price from RM1,000,000






Garden Ville Condo

Garden Ville new property project under construction. Garden Ville is located along Jalan Kg Batak, off Jalan Paya Terubong in Sungai Ara, Penang. This is a freehold condomindum strategically located near to Penang Bridge, Bayan Lepas FIZ and Penang International Airport. Garden Ville comes with a host of condo facilities and nice landscaped garden.





N-Park CondoN-Park Condominium is located within walking distance to University Sains Malaysia (USM). Features full condominium facilities. Affordable condo for sale price RM350k





The Oasis Condominium is located off Jalan Yeap Choy Ee in a residential neighbourhood with easy accessibility to Bayan Lepas, the mainland and Georgetown. Price for sale from RM580,000 - RM650,000





Setia Pinnacle

Setia Pinnacle The condo benchmark of distinctive eco-living; the first-of-its-kind in Penang featuring a completely green development. Setia Pinnacle an exclusive, upscale guarded community where ecofriendly features are flawlessly incorporated with thoughtful, designer architecture and finishes.






Reflection Condominium

Reflections condominium provides generous living spaces ranging from 1,077 sq ft to 1,512 sq ft.  Located at Setia Pearl Island, the 25 storey Reflections condominium has definitely set a benchmark for contemporary living, peace and serenity. Price from RM580,000 to RM790,000





Platino Condominium is landscaped with a variety of plants reflecting the four seasons concept. Platino comes complete with 24-hour security surveillance, an enclosed lift lobby with CCTV and key card access system. The units have a built-up area of 1,819 to 2,659 sq. feet with a view to the dazzling sea and the Penang Bridge. Its excellent location is part of the established neighbourhood of Metro East-Udini. Price from RM1,300,000




Palm Palladium

Palm Palladium Condominium features sizes from 1,150 - 2,400 square feet which optimizes comfort and quality living. Palm Palladium offers you the best in privacy and density located in the vicinity of the Bukit Jambul Golf and Country Club and USM. For sale price from RM560,000






University Place Condo is strategically  located in Bukit Gambier adjacent to the top Malaysian universities (Universiti Sains Malaysia). Its central location is in the fast growing growth corridor in Bukit Gambier with its proximity close to the dynamic FTZ hub. Just a stone's throw away next door, one can find a wide range of food and beverage outlets ranging from restaurants to the open air cafes and a variety choice of shops available.




 Gold Coast Condominium provides a full range of amenities include landscaped gardens, resort style swimming pool, wading pool, jacuzzi, gymnasium, barbeque area and much more. Excellent security is enhanced with accessed through the use of proximity security card readers. Within walking distance to Queenbays Shopping Mall one can find a host of fine dinning and shops. Selling price from RM700,000 - RM890,000




HillCrest Residences

Hillcrest Residences is majestically perched on Bukit Jambul commanding a sea and hill view adjacent to a golf course surrounded by lush greenery and a backdrop of mountain views. Within the neighborhood are luxury bangalows and the five star Hotel  Equatorial. Price for sale RM960,000




Villa EmasVilla Emas Condominium strategic location makes its a convenience choice for those who wants to be nearby the FTZ Hub.  The neighborhood landmarks are the Queenbays lifestyle shopping mall. For sale RM470k - RM500K.




U-Garden Condominium features facilities such as a resort-style swimming pool including an indoor badminton court and gym. Located in the residential suburb of Minden Heights surrounded by semi-dees and bangalows. Affordable condo selling from RM380k - RM430K




E-Park Condominium

E-Park Condominium is located near USM easily accessible via the expressway to Penang Bridge, Airport and Georgetown. For sale RM480,000





D Piazza

D Piazza is located in Bayan Baru town centre adjacent to D'Piazza Lifestyle Mall. Two types of spacious layout includes 1,100 and 1,300 square feet. For sale RM510k - RM630K





Ideal RegencyI-Regency (also known as Idea Regency) is a new lifestyle resort condominium with a unique "Semi-Detached concept in the sky". Size: 1,200 - 1,500 square feet. Price from RM690,000





Alpine TowerAlpine Tower faces a natural recreational lake and offers a quiet retreat from the hassle of city life within a lakeside garden. Size 1,248 sq ft - 1,474SF.




Park View Towers Parkview Condominium  Its pleasant neighbourhood also offer a picturesque view of the lake and surrounding greenery. Close to Inti International College (IICP) and the Bukit Jambul Golf Course.





Putra PlacePutra Place is a new condominium with easy accessibly via the coastal expressway and strategically located within walking distance to Penang longest shopping mall - Queensbay Mall. Price from RM580k




Sunny Ville

Sunny Ville Condominium strategically located adjacent to  University Sains Malaysia. Four types of layout includes 2 bedrooms & three bedrooms with Chicago Bay windows offering an spectacular view of the Penang Bridge. Size 900 sq feet - 1,200 sq. feeet. Selling price RM400K - RM550K





Bay StarBay Star Condo Combining the contemporary concept of leisure and commerce at your doorstep. Its excellent location is a mere walking distance to Queens Bay Mall, the biggest shopping mall in Penang. Standard unit sizes from 1,562 - 2,491 square feet.




Bays WaterBayswater Condominium is located within the fast emerging metropolitan enclave of MetroEast-Udini overlooking a scenic coastal road leading to Georgetown and Bayan Lepas. Four different sizes available from 1,173 sq. feet to 1,636 sq. feet. For Sale price from RM800,000 to RM1,200,000





Regency HeightsRegency Heights features a balinese style condominium facilities. Each unit provides a spacious size of 1,258 & 1,350 sq feet. For sale RM650K






Mutiara Heights has a built-up size of 800 sq. feet and 1,600 sq. feet. Located near TESCO for easy groceries shopping. Affordable apartment for sale. Price from RM340k.






Relau Indah Apartment

Relau Indah is an apartment block located in the neighbourhood of the Taman Awam Metropolitan Park. Penang affordable apartment for sale Price for sale RM335,000





BJ Court Condominium

BJ Court Condo is sited right next to the bustling BJ Shopping Mall and is just a step away from  an array of shops, restaurants, eateries and public transport and taxi stands.  Ready conveniences and variety of choices. Affordable apartment in Penang for sale. For sale Price RM290k - RM330k.




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